Cessna C337 (O-2A) Super-Skymaster - N590D


Erik Brouwer

Baujahr/Year of construction/Année de construction/Bouwjaar:


Heimatflugplatz/Home Airfield/Base maison/Homebase:


Über das Flugzeug/About the aircraft/À propos de l'avion/Over het vliegtuig:The Postbellum Foundation is based in the Netherlands, and maintains and operates several military aircraft from the Cold War conflict.

The flagship of our flying collection is the Cessna O-2A. Built in 1967 it was the very first of its type to arrive in Vietnam in late 1967, where it saw active combat for more than 3 years.

In 2013 we were able to bring this absolute unique aircraft to Europe. It has proven to be a very popular act with the crowd, because of it's unique configuration with two tails and a pusher prop, original USAF markings and rocket pods.